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We invite you to discover every corner of Argentina, our local culture and curiosities of our country! Everything we like to tell our friends and more… on our Designer Trips´s Blog.

Mendoza, Wine´s Paradise at the foot of the Andes!
The city of Mendoza is located at the middle west of Argentina, in the limit with Chile, and crossed from north to south by the Andes Mountains, having the highest peak in America, the Aconcagua (6960 Mtrs) and the second highest ...
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Basic tips to visit El Calafate
  At the beginning of April, Lucas Kambic, Manager of Designer Trips, did a short trip to El Calafate. The main goal of the trip was to do an inspection of accommodation and activities, to update our data base, and provide...
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Escorted Tours in Argentina by Bob Cowan
    This February, I had the pleasure of escorting two couples from Canada on behalf of Designer Trips, for two weeks while they visited Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Salta, and Mendoza. This trip was totally designe...
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